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Year 6

Picture 1 Class SM10 - Miss Newman

Welcome to Year 6! 


Welcome to Year 6’s page on our school website. Here you can find photographs of the Year 6 classes in action, copies of letters we send home, SATs week information, useful websites and examples of our wonderful work. Don’t forget that every week, Mathletics homework is set - pupils need to log in to complete their homework before they can play any further Mathletics games. All Year 6 homework is set at the start of the week, to be completed by the following Monday.


The Year 6 Team


Please keep making regular visits to check out what Year 6 are up to!

Children's Leaders

Read All About It

We Are An Army

We're Going on a Journey

Victory Day

Following a collaboration with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust,

Year 6's artwork is on display at New Place, Stratford Upon Avon.

It can be viewed throughout the summer.


Ricky Dance Day...

Firefly the Inventor

Year 6 had a fantastic day when 'Firefly the Inventor' visited with his cams workshop. The children had  great fun learning about how cams work and then designing and making their own moving toy to take home.
Year 6 had fantastic day with Rachel from Pop UK exploring the impact of social media on our emotional well-being, all wrapped up in some pop songs! Please have a listen to our performances of the three songs below...

1440 Minutes

Walking in the Light

Will You Like Me?

Banghra Dancing

Year 6 had lots of fun today learning Banghra dancing with Ria. This is what they thought-

" It was very fun," Lily.

" It was very enjoyable and ar the end most of us were very tired!" Jacob. 

"Dancing makes us happy," Taylor

"It was amazing learning something new," Harpreet.

Electricity Workshop...

Electricity Workshop... 1
Electricity Workshop... 2
Electricity Workshop... 3
Electricity Workshop... 4

Investigating electricity...

Investigating electricity... 1
Investigating electricity... 2

Visit to Leamington Gurdwara

Visit to Leamington Gurdwara 1
Visit to Leamington Gurdwara 2
Visit to Leamington Gurdwara 3
Year 6 have visited Leamington Gurdwara as part of their India topic. They found out about about the Sikh religion, tried some traditional foods and learned about the contributions of our local Sikh community. They had a fantastic time and were very enthusiatic about what they had seen and experienced. 

Cooking wartime vegetable soup!

Computing at Campion School

We went to Campion SAchool for an E-Safety workshop to discuss the importance of E Safety and the effects of online behaviour.  We explored E Safety through Graphic Design allowing us to design and debug, evaluate the differences in developing electronic interactive comics and apply logical reasoning to explain how algorithms work.  Through exploring activities to grasp the design concept, we then transferred these skills onto the computer, using the programme 'Comic Life' to create our own E Safety comic. 

Reading with our Year 3 Buddies...

Special Remembrance Assembly

To commemorate the centenary of the end of World War I on November 11th 1918, the whole of Year 6 presented a very moving Remembrance Assembly giving thanks to all those involved and to say 'Thank You' to the entire generation who lived through the war.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Year 6 had a fantastic day visiting the Herbert Gallery, the Transport Museum and Coventry Cathedral to find out about the wartime Coventry and the effects of the Blitz.

World War 2 Day

Year 6 had lots of fun during their World War 2 themed day. They dressed as evacuess and experienced what life was like during the second World War. They learnt songs and dances from the period, became Bletchley Park  code crackers  and completed a STEM project about the Spitfire. 

A visiting theatre company performed an interactive exciting play about war time Britain and the day was topped off by a visit from a real life evacuee. The children were fascinated by his experiences and had many questions for him. 

This is what the children had to say:


" The actors who performed were great because everyone was interested and they got people involved." Larissa


" I liked how we all dressed up for the day, everyone looked so different." Felix


" I liked it when John visited because I think it's cool that we met someone who was actually evacuated. It made it real for me." Corey

Autumn Term Gallery...

CPR Training


Year Six have had CPR training today with Dr Summ from Warwickshire Hearts.
Ask your children what DRAB stands for and what happens when you open a defibrillator.

Design Technology Workshop

Year 6 had a fantastic time this week when they met 'Steve the Inventor'. He led a design technology workshop demonstrating how cams are used. The children combined engineering skills and artistic design to produce some super moving models.


Activities... 1
Activities... 2
Activities... 3 Charles Darwin in SM12 Assembly

Autumn 2017 - What we have been learning...

Autumn 2017 - What we have been learning... 1
Autumn 2017 - What we have been learning... 2
Autumn 2017 - What we have been learning... 3
Autumn 2017 - What we have been learning... 4
Autumn 2017 - What we have been learning... 5
Autumn 2017 - What we have been learning... 6
Autumn 2017 - What we have been learning... 7
Autumn 2017 - What we have been learning... 8
Autumn 2017 - What we have been learning... 9

Summer Term Gallery

Summer Term Gallery 1
Summer Term Gallery 2 Designing and making our marble runs!
Summer Term Gallery 3
Summer Term Gallery 4
Summer Term Gallery 5
Summer Term Gallery 6
Summer Term Gallery 7
Summer Term Gallery 8
Summer Term Gallery 9
Summer Term Gallery 10
Summer Term Gallery 11
Summer Term Gallery 12
Picture 1 Showing our Year 3 buddies our Science Work
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10 SM12 Assembly
Picture 11 World War 2 Assembly
Picture 12
Picture 13 Children in Need Day
Picture 14 Pond Dipping
Picture 15
Picture 16 Tree identification!
Picture 17
Picture 18 Energy Debate!
Picture 19 World War Two Day!
Picture 20 Identifying trees in the copse.
Picture 21
Picture 22

Year 6 Drama

Year 6 Drama 1
Year 6 Drama 2

Mumbai Cityscapes

Mumbai Cityscapes 1
Mumbai Cityscapes 2

Tim Peake Day!

Tim Peake Day! 1
Tim Peake Day! 2

We have been using microscopes. Have a look at our science board.

Year 6 have been using the microscopes given to us on loan from the Royal Microscopical Society. We've been looking at all sorts of samples; giving us close up views of dried herbs, sponge and even a fly!


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