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Day of the African Child


It was a lovely day of sunshine, fun and excitement as the children got to experience a range of activities throughout the day. This included African drumming, hearing African tales and stories, performing an African dance and singing songs. They also had the chance to meet and present our 'safer schools' posters to MP Matt Western and there was a video link to some children in Bo- where we sang and danced with children half way across the world!

Mrs Atkins' Trip to Bo


Mrs. Atkins journeyed to Bo, in Africa, this February where she spent a fortnight working with children and staff at our twinned school, BDEC Messima School. Mrs. Atkins had a very warm welcome by the Bo community. In one of our assemblies, we were actually able to make a Skype link with the school and were able to see and hear the Messima pupils sing to us.


One of Mrs Atkins’ first experiences was to visit and use the well that was funded by money raised by St. Margaret’s families. Mrs Atkins has sent her thanks to all the families that have donated to our current collection for BO, anyone wishing to make a donation can still do so via School Money website or send cash via the school office. You can read more about our OWL on the school website:


Mrs Atkins and the other Warwick District Teachers who accompanied her on the trip will be hosting a feedback meeting for any interested families and friends on Monday 19th March in St Margaret’s School hall from 4-5pm when they will share photos and stories of their visit.

Finished Well!



We were overjoyed to hear that work on the well is complete and that the pupils at our link school, BDEC Messima, now have access to fresh water at their their school.


Follow this link to see video footage of the well in action on the One World Link website. The children are so delighted, they sing 'If you're happy and you know it, say 'Thank you'".

In December 2015, St Margaret's Junior School were delighted to be linked with BDEC Messima School in Bo, Sierra Leone through Leamington Spa's long established One World Link (OWL).


Our first challenge was to collect pencil crayons and felt tips for the school. Our families responded amazingly with enough to fill a small suitcase being sent in. Pupils also wrote letters and sent posters for OWL's 'Keeping Safe' project. In January 2016, Mrs Atkins' husband visited the school in Bo to hand deliver them. Children and staff alike were thrilled with their gifts!


Whilst visiting the BDEC Messima, he discovered that the school has no electricity or running water. After seeing the school first hand and taking lots of photographs, Mr Atkins returned to the UK with reply letters, posters about safety in Sierra Leone (including Ebola safety) and the idea to fundraise money to build BDEC Messima a well was born.


On Monday 23rd May 2016, every child at St Margaret's took part in a sponsored Water Walk.  We walked the perimeter of our school field carrying 2 litres of bottled water to imagine what it must be like to have to walk to a well to collect clean water every day. By June 10th, over £3500 of sponsor money had been collected - more than enough to build a well in Sierra Leone!


Congratulations and an enormous thank you to all our amazing families for this outstanding reponse to this worthy cause. We are absolutely delighted that the funds to build the well have been raised all in one go! We and One World Link have started the process of safely transferring the money to BDEC Messima.


Watch this space to keep up to date with progress of the building of the well.


Building the well...

Last Summer Term, the children across the school took part in a sponsored walk to raise funds for our World Links school in Bo, Sierra Leone, to build a well. We, and the Bo community, were absolutely overwhelmed by the children’s enthusiasm and the generosity of St. Margaret’s families; raising much more than our target figure. During the Christmas holidays work started on the well. We shall keep you and the children updated on progress. 

Exciting News - A Visitor from Bo!

On Monday 10th October 2016, we were lucky to receive a visit from Ms Tenneh Koruma who teaches at our link school BDEC Messima in Bo. She arrived at school with Mrs Liz Garrett (Schools Link Coordinator for One World Link - OWL) and Mr Paul Atkins who visited Bo on our behalf last January.


In our whole school assembly, we celebrated our link, sang the OWL link school anthem ‘You are my brother’ and presented Tenneh with a cheque for 17, 380, 000 Leones raised through our sponsored ‘Water Walk’ last term. Tenneh enjoyed her visit enormously and was delighted with the pupils’  singing. She thanked the children and their families for their wonderful fundraising and told us that she would keep the school up to date with how the well is coming along. Later, she was given a tour of the school, admiring our bright colourful classrooms, our well stocked library and our fabulous computer room in particular.

Our partnership logo - ready to march!

On June 16th, the International Day of the African Child, Bo pupil representatives from each of our 15 partner schools marched with banners and a brass band through the town before arriving at the One World Link Centre for speeches on the theme. Their programme had an advocacy approach raising awareness of the need to protect children's rights in crises.  They witnessed the Skype video call with us around lunchtime (they are one hour behind) - projected onto the wall at the Centre. They finished their day with a friendship meal for everyone!

The Water Walk to raise money to build the well in Bo

Day of the African Child event in Bo on the same day as our celebration.

We have been learning about life in Sierra Leone

SM7 took part in a whole day of celebrations at St Anthony's school along with 15 other schools. They took part in a number of activities linked to Sierra Leone and marched with our banner in a procession. They talked to some people and children from One World Link via Skype and interviewed Chris White, our local MP. The children explained that our school have raised nearly £4000 for a well for our link school BDEC Messima (SM7 alone raised £600). They also raised the very important global issue of making all children across the world get to go to school and presented Mr White with a letter and some persuasive pieces of work to give to our Prime Minister, David Cameron. It was a very proud day for our school.

Some of the teachers at BCEC Messima

Where is Bo?

The flag of Sierra Leonne

Day of the African Child


16th June 2016, SM7 went to Day of the African Child. This was St Margaret's first visit to this annual event organised by OWL.

Prior to the event SM7 made 'Send my friend to school' backpacks. These colourful paper backpacks send messages to our local MP and David Cameron to highlight the importance of every child in the world's right to an education.

They took our new school banner which has St Margaret's and BDED Messima's school badges on it. The centre of the banner is Grace's winning design for an international link logo for the two schools.

Going to school at BDEC Messima, Bo

We have sent photos to our friends in Bo


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Our Briar Hill and St. Margaret's vision: 'Flourish as a family, love to learn, make memories, shine!' We look forward to seeing our Year 1-6 children on Monday 6th September.