The Federation of Briar Hill Infant and St Margaret’s C of E Junior Schools

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Briar Hill Infant School


Our Leadership Team
Picture 1 Executive Head: Mrs Owers
Picture 2 Head of School: Mrs Willis
Picture 3 SENDCo: Mrs Beeston

Our Teaching Team

Picture 1 Mrs Bassett
Picture 2 Mrs Calvert
Picture 3 Mrs Catto
Picture 4 Miss Clark
Picture 5 Miss Copley
Picture 6 Mrs Dearing
Picture 7 Mrs Foreman
Picture 8 Mrs Jordan
Picture 9 Mrs Padro
Picture 10 Miss Sandhar
Picture 11 Mrs Wylie

Our Learning Support Assistants

Picture 1 Mrs Bessant
Picture 2 Mrs Bridges
Picture 3 Mrs Cairns
Picture 4 Mrs Farmer
Picture 5 Miss Gascoigne
Picture 6 Mrs Geach
Picture 7 Mrs Greaves
Picture 8 Miss Higgins
Picture 9 Miss Layton
Picture 10 Mrs Stewart
Picture 11 Mrs White

Our Admin and Site Team

Picture 1 Miss Adams
Picture 2 Mrs Bessant
Picture 3 Mrs Clark
Picture 4 Mr Garnett
Picture 5 Mrs Lloyd
Picture 6 Ms Molyneux


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Welcome to our website......Flourish as a family, love to learn, make memories, shine!