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Mrs Padro is our Phonics Lead


Children learn and recognise speech sounds (phonemes) and letter shapes (graphemes) in our daily phonics lessons. These lessons are progressive and practical, providing children with opportunities to say, hear, read, recognise and write sounds which they can then apply when reading and writing more independently. We use the well-sequenced and systematic 'Letters and Sounds Phonics Scheme' to teach daily phonics and tricky words (those words that are not decodable such as 'the' and 'me') from September in Reception. Spelling patterns and rules are also taught in line with 2014 National Curriculum Expectations for children Year 1 and Year 2.


Decoding and Word Reading 

Decoding is the skill of recognising the letters (graphemes) and knowing what sound (phoneme) they say when sounded out. To learn to read and understand the phonetic code children must learn to recognise each phoneme. Phonemes can be made with one letter making one sound such 'b' or in b-e-d or or two letters making one sound such a 'ai' in p-ai-n or r-ai-n (these are called digraphs) or three letters making one sound such as 'igh' in n-igh-t or h-igh (these are called trigraphs). 


Please encourage your child to read and write using their phonic skills. Securing their understanding of the phonic code will enable them to read and eventually write confidently. 

Examples of Phonics at Briar Hill Infant School


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