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Year 4

It is our Federation policy that we do not set homework during the holidays to allow the children to relax with family and friends, socialise and focus on other wider learning that they may not be able to do in term time.  However, in the current COVID situation, some families have contacted school to ask for additional work for children to access over the six week summer holidays.

For those families, we would like to signpost you to Classroom Secret’s home learning workbooks:

Scroll right to the bottom of the web link and you will see a red ‘select week’ button to choose your work book from. Answer booklets are also provided. Select the 2019-2020 academic year group for your child.


Please note that there is absolutely no expectation for pupils to complete this work. The six weeks is a HOLIDAY and we hope pupils will enjoy their free time to be outside in the fresh air as much as possible, exploring and having fun. We look forward to seeing the children back at school to restart their learning on Thursday 3rd September 2020.

Year 4 have created a weekly home learning grid for you and also uploaded the latest knowledge organiser so you know how best to help your child at home. These documents are also attached below as printable versions. The home learning document is also attached below as a PDF and is printable. Click on the links on this version to open the online suggested learning pages. 

Weekly Resources

Exciting Athletics Competition

Superstar athletes introduce you to four sporting challenges for the local school's 

Olymp-mix Competition. Represent St Margaret's and Central Warwickshire by submitting your scores by Friday 10th July. Details below. Go St Margaret's! Go Central Warwickshire!

Optional Online Lessons

Please do the tasks on the home learning grid first. If you would like to do more, you can choose activities from one of these websites:

We're All in This Together!

Still image for this video

Christian Values

Our new Christian value for this half term is hope. At school, we would have been looking at what this means for Christians and therefore how they live their lives. The attached document has some information about this Christian value and some videos you can watch. Please make sure you ask an adult before clicking the links. It also contains some questions for you to reflect upon.

Spreading Happiness and Kindness During This Time 

We spend many opportunities at school, through collective worship and personal reflections, looking at how we can support others in line with our school's vision and our Christian values. This resource has a few more ideas that you may choose to do during school closure to bring a little bit of happiness to others, whilst keeping everyone safe. We know so many of you are already doing little things to help already. Please feel free to use this as your family would like to. The suggested activities are for those who live in your household. Just a reminder that this is not set home learning and children do not have to do any/all of the suggested activities but we are sure that the children will enjoy spreading kindness and happiness through these and other ways, as they always do. 

Class SM4 - Mrs Dhinsa
Class SM5 - Miss Jones
Class SM6 - Mrs Atkins & Mrs Johnson
Home Learning

In order to help you support your child with their learning at home, we have put together some ideas, resources and educational links.


As when they are in school, we suggest that children read for 20-30 minutes at least three times a week and practise their times tables (they can use their Mathletics or Timestable Rockstars logins for this). They can also practise a few spellings per week from the Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling List.


Suggestions and Links:

*Please note - if using a YouTube film clip, or similar site, adults should check for suitability first as the adverts before them can change so will not have been checked by us.

This idea can also be used to make a timestable fortune teller too.


Do the English tasks on the home learning grid first. If you want to do more English, choose from one of these websites: - You will find thousands of images with writing prompts. Images and questions can be used to stimulate discussion and develop vocabulary, as a prompt for creative writing or a reading comprehension activity. - A range of wonderful images to inspire creative writing. There are 365 images to choose from, a new image for each day. You may choose to write your own story using the images or use the prompts below the image as a starting point. Below the image you will find story starters, sentence challenges, questions about the image and ‘sick’ sentences. - A variety of video resources to inspire creative writing. 


Spelling and Grammar

Spellings: Term 3A Week 6 Words ending in ‘ar’ and ‘er’

Spellings: Term 3A Week 5 Words with the Prefix non-

Spellings: Term 3A Week 4 Words with the Prefix 'ex-'

Spellings: Term 3A Week 3 Prefix 'auto'

Spellings: Term 3A Week 2 Prefix 'anti'

Spellings 3A Week 1: Adding the Prefix 'Inter'

Spellings 2B Week 6: Challenge Words

Spellings 2B Week 5: More Words that Belong to a Word Family

Spellings 2B Week 4: Word Families Based on Common Words

Spellings 2B Week 3: Words with 'soft c' starting with 'ci'

Spellings 2B Week 2: Words with 'soft c' starting with 'ce'

These additional Grammar and Spelling resources might come in useful whilst home schooling.

Reading- You are now able to quiz at home. Use the link in the document below :)

Times Table Practise 

As far as we know, the Y4 multiplication check will still be going ahead in June, so lots of times tables revision is needed. 


Telling the time 

Reading an analogue clock is an important skill to master. In Year 4, children need to be able to tell the time to the nearest minute and convert the time between analogue and digital 12- and 24-hour clocks with confidence.  

Some activities you may choose to try are: 

Create your own paper plate clocks 

Use the clocks at home to practice telling the time on an analogue clock and converting it into a digital time. 



Complete the work on the weekly learning grid first. 

Humans - Digestive System and Teeth

These websites might be useful for background information.



Follow the step by step instructions to draw your own Egyptian masterpieces.

Science, Technology and Maths ideas for home

STEM ideas

Letter from JK Rowling!

Letter to Year 4 pupils
Even a Harry Potter stamp!!!
Questions and answers
A bit more about JK Rowling
On World Book Day, the children in Year 4 wrote to the famous author JK Rowling. This week, they were thrilled to receive a reply - how exciting!!!!

Year 4 - Meet the Team!

Will's Wonderful Words

No Girls Allowed

Show in the Globe

Don't Mention Mac

Romeos and Juliets

All the World's a Stage

To Be or Not To Be

Bow-Curtain Calls

SM6 exploring a dilemma through drama' (Macbeth)

World Book Day

Christmas Party Time!

SM6 Christmas Service at St. Margaret's Church

Year 4 worked with Steve the inventor to make moving toys using linkages and levers.

Working Model 1

Still image for this video

Working Model 2

Still image for this video

Autumn Term Gallery...

Thinking like an author.
Subtracting pictorially.
Active perimeter maths lesson.
A city setting using similes and a thesaurus.

STEM Day - being creative in science, technology, engineering and maths

Year 4 had visitors from Dog's Trust who explained to the children how to be safe around dogs and treat them kindly. 


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