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Year 3

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Welcome to the Autumn Term!


We would like to welcome and thank all our children and parents for helping create a smooth and enjoyable start to the Autumn term.


In the last few weeks, the children in Year 3 have been busy learning daily routines and getting to know the ins and outs of their new school. They have been working hard in maths, investigating numbers and place value (see below). As well as showing off their fabulous writing skills, to create their very own ‘Ode to a Star’ poems inspired by our whole school text, ‘The Fox and the Star’.


We are looking forward to delving into our upcoming topic ‘Exploding Stone Age myths’, where the children will learn about life in prehistoric Britain, discover how volcanoes are formed and investigate rocks and fossils!


Please continue to browse our class pages where you will find essential information about homework and other useful links.


Many thanks,


Mr Collier, Miss Steele and Miss Sangha

Bah Humbug!

Christmas Eve

He was Jacob Marley

Key Messages


  • Please note that due to later lunch times at St. Margaret’s we ask that all children are sent into school with a healthy snack. Lots of children are feeling the effects of empty bellies mid lesson! (no nut products please)

  • Please remember to collect your child from the bottom of the Year 3 ramp and inform your Class Teacher if they are going home with anyone different at the end of the day.

  • May we ask that you check your child is coming to school with the correct equipment. They should have a number of pencils (they run out quickly!) and a clear 30cm ruler (although pretty, snap, bendy and coloured rulers present a lot of problems in maths lessons)



Your child's home learning tasks should be recorded by your child in their Home-School Diary and will usually follow the pattern outlined below:



English homework will be set where and when we think it is needed and so this will be dependent on the focus for English lessons for that week. For example, in week A your child may be set a task around sentence openers ready to be used in week B when we write our own stories.


Your child will always be given 1 whole week to complete their task, with homework often being set on a Monday to be returned on the following Monday.



At St. Margaret’s we have invested in a new system called Accelerated Reader- where children will be quizzing on their books once they have completed reading them at home and school. Children can change their reading books daily or when they have finished reading them.


They will then take a short online quiz about each book once they have finished reading it to check their comprehension. These quizzes can only be accessed in school but the children will record their results on their bookmarks so that they can share their progress with you at home. Please see the Accelerated Reader letter sent to parents for more information.


We request that you read with your child at least 3 times a week for 10 mins. Please ensure all reading is recorded in the Home-School Diary and is signed by an adult.

Where possible, please focus on questioning when listening to your child read. Simple questions about the text they have just read will support your child to develop and train their comprehension skills.


Types of question you might like to ask are; Why was the character feeling like that? How do you know that character is feeling that way? Without looking, explain and summarise what you have just read.



Spellings will take place once a week and your child will be sent home with a set of spellings to learn- please use this opportunity to identify the spelling rule with your child and see if they can spell other words using the same rule which might not be on their lists.

Spelling tests will be administered 1 week after spelling lists have been sent home. Scores will be recorded and your child will be encouraged to share them with you after school.

This year, whole class spellings will be taught to ensure all children are learning and revising the spelling patterns and rules assigned to their year group as per the National Curriculum. Any children working below this level will be identified and will join an intervention support group based on their needs and level of knowledge. Please note, this intervention will run as an addition to the main spelling lessons.



Each week, your child's Class Teacher will also set them at least one online mathematics task to be completed at home before the following Monday. Once completed, your child can then access the maths games and other support materials available. The more they play, the more points they can earn towards certificates and the chance to become 'St Margaret’s Mathlete Of The Week'!


Remember, if your child has forgotten their login details, they can be found stuck into the back of their Home-School Diary.


Please also help your child to learn-by-heart all times table facts for the x2, x5, x10 tables (revision from KS1) as well as the x3, x4 and x8 tables. They will need to be able to recall these facts at speed, including their inverse form, for weekly times table tests in school.


Telling the time is also another key area for learning at home. Children in Year 3 are expected to read, show and write the time to one minute intervals on both digital and analogue clocks.


Many thanks for all the great support from parents that our new Year 3s are already receiving with their home learning - it is appreciated by staff and really helps your child to make the best progress possible.

Black Country Living Museum Trip - November 2017

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