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Where did it come from?



Year 2 arrived back into school to find something outside their classrooms, a bit strange looking, a bit egg like!


Where did it come from? What might be inside? What is it doing here?


It raised many questions from the children and staff.

HB2 Space Camp Reviews



"We think this experience has been absolutely fabulous. To fit so much into one evening is such a credit to all involved. Mia has been so excited to do space camp and it has exceeded any of our expectations. She wants to do it again!! A massive, massive thank you to all staff involved."


"George absolutely loved Space Camp, what a great experience! He really enjoyed sleeping in a tent and looking at the stars through the telescope, Brilliant!! Thank you Briar Hill."


"Space Camp is a wonderful thing for the children. Briar Hill is an amazing school and even more amazing for  putting this on for the children. The children have so many great opportunities at this school."


"I am very pleased my daughter had the opportunity to be part of Space Camp at Briar Hill. It was something she looked forward to since Reception smiley. She pleasantly surprised me by managing being away from family and in a tent for the first time. Thank you to EVERYONE involved for making it a success."

Makaton sign of the month



Our Makaton sign for February is Daddy.


HB1 Space Camp Reviews



"What a fabulous experience!! Kian had an absolutely amazing time. He is buzzing this morning wanting to tell me everything he learnt and the fun he had. A massive thank you to ALL the staff who made this night happen. It is a real commitment and I as a parent rally value the extra time you put in for the children. Thank you."


"Charlotte was SO excited about Space Camp. The build up has been great. She said the planetarium was EPIC!! She has learnt so many facts about space. Spending the time with her friends in a totally different environment is very beneficial to her social skills. Thank you so much for giving her this experience"


"Amazing! So much fun and so many learning experiences and opportunities. Daniel has looked forward to Space Camp since September and I can see why!! How fantastic to be able to see the craters on the moon. Thank you to all of the team!"


"An amazing opportunity for the children to learn about the wonders of the universe. Briar Hill and the teachers provide an excellent service and the excitement and joy of learning is clear to see in all of the children's smiles. Thank you team Briar Hill, keep up the great work."


Please have a look at more Space Camp photographs on the class pages.

News Stars!



Briar Hill Year 2 children are in the local paper this week, The Courier.

Please click on the link to the article.



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