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FAQ's Space Camp 2020

Does my child have to go to Space Camp? 

Space Camp isn’t a compulsory activity for Year 2 children, however we believe that it offers a unique opportunity for the children in a safe environment that they are already familiar with, with adults that they know and who know them. It is an experience that they will never forget. 

How many children attend Space Camp at a time? 

Each class has their own Space Camp attended by staff who either currently teach the class or who have previously done so. We run 3 separate Space Camp’s a Year. One for each Year 2 class. 

Which adults will be there? 

The Space Camp coordinator and a first aider will attend each camp. There will be two other adults (usually one is the current class teacher) staying overnight. These 4 staff are supported by staff who help during the evening activities and staff who help during the morning, it is a whole school effort. The Executive Head, Head of School  also stay at one space camp each and our Site Manager is always on call. 

When does Space Camp start? 

The children spend the day in school on Thursday as usual completing Space activities. They then go home at 3pm and have their tea before returning to school at 6pm. Assembly on the Friday starts at 9.05am after which children go home. 

Does my child have to go home for tea on the Thursday? 

Yes. We do not cater for an evening meal. 

Do I have to take my child home on Friday? 

Experience has taught us that children are too tired for the intensity of normal school learning on the Friday. Remember they were actively learning all day Thursday, Thursday night and from 6.30am on Friday. They are usually exhausted and need a quiet day. Any child who does stay in school on the Friday will join another class in school for the day. 

My child doesn’t eat well. Do I have to pay the £4? 

The £4 isn’t just for food. Space Camp is an entirely self-funded activity. The children will be using a range of resources during their camp which have to be bought from the Space Camp budget. We also need to cater in for the wear and tear of the specialised equipment used by the children during camp as items such as pop up tents only have a limited usage life. 

Is the whole school used during Space Camp? 

No. The children learn in BH8, store their belongings in BH7 and sleep in the hall. The rest of the school is inaccessible. 

What do the adults do overnight? 

There are always adults awake overnight. They will be located in BH8 where there will be lights on. During the night adults will check the school is safe and guide children towards the toilets should they wake and not remember which toilets they should be using. All fire exits are available to use during Space Camp. 

What if my child needs to wear Pull ups? 

This is a frequently asked question. Please do tell us if this is the case. Children who need to wear Pull Ups will put on their pyjamas as usual then discretely go to the bathroom with a pull up in a plastic bag and put the pull up on. The process is reversed in the morning, Staff will remind children that this is the easiest/most discrete way. 

My child doesn’t eat well. 

We are able to cater for most special dietary requests (i.e. vegetarian/vegan/food allergies). If your child has a limited diet please speak to your child’s class teacher who will discuss the options available. 

What will they have to drink? 

During Space Camp there are a range of drinks available including water. 

What happens if my child is unwell on the Thursday? 

If your child is absent from school on the Thursday for sickness they will not be able to attend Space Camp. However, please call the office to discuss if there are any other options available (e.g. subsequent camps for the year group) 

I’ve lost my kit list /letter 

Please call in at the school office, they will be able to provide you with all letters/forms/lists. 

My child is on medication, can they attend Space Camp? 

Please discuss any medical needs with your child’s class teacher. We are able to manage most things on camp. 

My child wants to come to Space Camp in the evening and go home. Can they do this? 

Experience has taught us that this is very disruptive for other children in the class so children stay for the whole event. It is not unusual for a child to be nervous about sleeping away from home. Please remind them they are in a known place, with known adults and their friends who they are with every day. It is a very safe place and they have nothing to be worried about. Please do not promise to come and pick them up if they feel sad during the evening. Again, experience has taught us that the children become so fully engaged in the activities and the excitement of sleeping in a tent that they are not homesick at all. 

Do they really need to pack their own bag? 

Yes, it is important that they know where everything is. Please also make sure they know what all of their bags look like (even sleeping bag bags) and that they know how to pack everything away again into their bags. 

Do they need school uniform? 

No.  Please do make sure that your child has clean clothes for the Friday morning. 

What happens when I bring them to school? 

Please give your child their bags, have a quick goodbye and let them come into school unaccompanied. If they don’t look back, that is great. It proves they are happy and excited to attend. After they are out of sight please pass over any medicines to your child’s class teacher then leave promptly so that other children can enter school. 

How will I know who I will be sharing a tent with? 

Class teachers, in consultation with your child have put the children in 2’s/3’s. Children will discover their tent buddies when they enter the hall. We do not tell the children the final groups until they arrive in school because things may change at the last minute (e.g. if a child is unexpectedly absent). Children work within a range of different groups during Space Camp. 

What if my child is unwell during the night? 

Staff will look after your child just as they do during the day. We will of course inform you if necessary during Space Camp. Please make sure you fill in all contact forms very carefully so that we have accurate contact details for the duration of the camp. 


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